Karbon Home Theater Design and Installation Process

Karbon Home Theater and Consulting is the premier Bay Area home theater design and installation expert. Below details the process Karbon Home Theater follows to ensure your Home Theater project is completed exactly how you would like.

Step 1. Contact Us

If you are interested in our services, contact us by phone (925) 289-5555 or use our easy contact form on our Contact Page. Once your notification has been received, one of our representatives will respond to setup a convenient time for a Free On-Site Consultation.

Step 2. Free Consultation

Karbon Home Theater offers free Consultation to our potential clients. During the Free Consultation, a personal representative from Karbon Home Theater will go over your project requirements and help determine several options to complete your project to ensure the equipment choices meet your budget and performance needs.

Step 3. Quote/Estimate

After the Consultation session is completed, expect to receive your Quote on your project Equipment choices and Services within 24 hours via email.

Step 4. Review/Confirmation

Once you have had a chance to look over the Quote, your personal representative from Karbon Home Theater will be available to walk you through your options and equipment features to ensure all questions are answered. Once the Quote is approved, an Installation date will be set to complete your project.

Step 5. Installation

Our Professional Technicians will arrive on-time and go over project details with you to ensure proper placement of equipment. Our technicians are CEDIA Certified professionals and will be able to answer any question you may have during the installation process. After installation of equipment, you will be given an in-depth tutorial on the operation of your new system.

Step 6. Completion of Services

Once you have received your tutorial and comfortable with the operation of your system, our Professional Technicians will ensure your home is clean and provide you with their contact information should you have any questions on your system.

What to Expect Throughout the Karbon Home Theater Process

Expect Great Customer Service

We listen to our clients and their needs. Our goal is to be available to our clients and answer questions when they arise in a timely manner. We go above and beyond should any issue arise to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your project.

Expect Professionalism

Karbon Home Theater prides itself on being professional. Our consultants and technicians are fully trained with years of experience. From your initial consultation to the completion of services, all aspects of your project will be handled in a professional manner.

Expect a Great Installation

Our certified technicians will arrive on-time. They will perform your project installation while being aware of cleanliness throughout. We cover/move items to ensure your home remains clean and free of debris. If you would like, we will remove/recycle any unwanted boxes and old electronic equipment at no additional cost.

Expect Quality

Karbon Home Theater has field tested hundreds of products from TV’s to Speakers to Control Equipment. We offer a wide range of equipment choices in the categories of “Good, Better, Best” and have determined the best ‘value’ in each category to ensure you are receiving a Quality product.

Expect Customer Support

Once you are a client of Karbon Home Theater, you are a client for life. We are always available to answer any questions you may have – even years after your project was completed. You will be able to talk with your personal representative or technician that worked with you on your project without waiting days like larger box stores.

Karbon Home Theater is a Referral Based company and has grown throughout its existence because of the quality of work and professional service we provide our clients. We are proud to be involved is our community and support local businesses