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Incorporate Home Theater Automation into Your New Home or Renovation


Home automation systems add value and functionality to a new home, allowing you to control your home’s lights, temperature, entertainment systems and more from anywhere. If you plan to wire a new home for automation, your best option is to install during the construction process, however a home automation installer can install the necessary equipment after the home has been constructed without much added difficulty.

Although either option will lead to a safer, more efficient dwelling, pre-wiring the automation system offers several advantages.

1. Simplify Installation – Wiring for automation systems is easier to install before the drywall goes up as wiring can be planned and incorporated into the drywall installation.

2. Expand Options – Pre-wired systems offer more customization options, because you won’t need to accommodate pre-existing appliances and other equipment. For example, instead of searching for an automation system that is compatible with your home theater equipment, you can choose automation and home theater services at the same time as you shop for your home electronics.

3. Automation is available from the start – When you wire for automation during the building process, you’ll have access to all of your automated features and capabilities on move-in day. Rather than delaying enjoyment of your automated home theater installation, for example, you can enjoy a movie with the family on your first night in the home and enjoy the satisfaction of ready-to-use automation features.

4. Safety during construction – Installing your home’s security system as early as possible protects your home from theft and vandalism even during construction.

Control Your Home’s Features Remotely With San Francisco Home Automation

The experienced Bay Area home theater team at Karbon Home Theaters would love to learn more about your project and discuss whether pre-wiring makes sense for you. Or, if you have an existing home you would like to upgrade with automation features and help you make your dream renovation or remodel go smoothly, we’re here to help you out. Call (925) 798-7600 or contact us today for a consultation.

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