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Surveillance to Protect Your Home/Workplace

Just the thought is terrifying.Surveillance and security for you home or work place

Imagine a burglar sneaking into your business’s building or tip-toeing past the front gate of your home. He finds his way into the inner sanctum of your company or into your own living room or bedroom. And then what? What happens next?

No one likes to feel unsafe. The question of how best to guard our possessions, business secrets,and family preoccupy all of us. Different strategies are appropriate for different companies and families. If you run a software company that develops proprietary material that’s a juicy target for industrial espionage, for instance, you will have very different security needs and challenges than will a homeowner who simply wants to deter “work-a-day” break-ins and thefts.

Solutions abound for concerned homeowners and business owners, including burglar alarms, improving the lighting around your facility or your home, and establishing neighborhood watch programs. One solution that many overlook is surveillance for your home or business. Not all surveillance set ups, strategies, and systems are equally effective. Indeed, some evidence does suggest that certain kinds of public surveillance may be not very effective at all.

On the other hand, good evidence – as well as anecdotal testimony from thousands of satisfied businesses and homeowners – shows that a well designed surveillance system can increase peace of mind, reduce trouble, and help you in the event that anyone ever attempts to break in.

The establishment of a good surveillance protocol begins by answering the “why” question –what’s the purpose of your surveillance project? What do you hope to protect? What are your objectives? What is your budget and time frame?

The next part of the process is brainstorming and developing an ideal solution to your businessor home security problems. A video surveillance system should be somewhat redundant, easy to search and archive, and easy to understand and troubleshoot.

Constructing a careful, meticulous, on budget and – most importantly, effective – home or business surveillance solution is not something that’s intuitive to most people. Fortunately, you can look to the San Francisco Bay Area experts at Karbon Home Theater Consulting for resources, help,installation, and on going guidance. We serve the entire Bay Area. Connect with us for a free estimate at 925-798-7600, or explore more about us on the web at

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