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The so-called Smart Interaction Technology is similar to Microsoft’s Kinect with the added plus that you can manipulate the television itself (although you don’t get the game control). Using specialized gesture and voice recognition software, which is embedded into the bezel near the top of the screen, the system allows users to control volume, channels, menu controls, and more.

The launch-date functionality is somewhat limited. Company officials promise that a voice/gesture control will be available for using search terms. So you could say, “Computer, show me Wednesday’s episode of Community.” Computer: “Community does not air on Wednesdays, you fool!” User: “Well, then show me the latest Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, Computer, and be snappy about it.” Computer: “Roger that, user.”

Samsung Smart TV

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The Smart Interaction software has some other great pluses:

• There is a built-in Skype app, so you don’t need to purchase your own speaker phone or Skype camera to make video calls from your television.

• The system also will have “face recognition” capabilities so that each user can access a separate “smart hub account” simply by smiling at the camera.

Smart Interaction is only available on certain high-end LED and plasma models, including Super OLED, UE-8000, UE-7500, and PE-8000.

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