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Home Automation And The Environment

In addition to installing and troubleshooting quality home theater services, Karbon Home Theater also strives to create energy efficient solutions. To that point, our home automation experts are deeply concerned about California’s ongoing drought. What systems can homeowners in the Bay Area use to save money and reduce burden on the environment? How can water and other resources be used more mindfully?

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To understand how to conserve effectively, consider the tale of the blind men and the elephant. As the legend goes, several blind men approached an elephant and tried to figure out what it was. One pulled the tail and thought the object was a tube. One grabbed the tusk and thought it was a sword. A third felt the elephant’s hide and thought it was a piece of luggage. Individually, they found different things. But collectively they missed the point! They had been touching a giant elephant – an interconnected being.

Likewise, many homeowners neglect to understand that lighting, temperature, security, plumbing, and AV systems are all connected. Bearing that in mind, you can install various solutions to reduce the overall burden on the larger “energy/water consumption system.” For instance, set up a programmable thermostat to keep your home at a more balanced temperature. Or install a solar system. Or manage your water use by limiting the use of your shower, your dishwasher or sprinklers.

Yes, you will incur upfront costs when you install energy/water saving systems. But over time, the savings you’ll recoup — in terms of energy/money that you avoid wasting — will accrue. Over time, these savings should add up to meet and exceed the initial cost of the “green” investment.

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For help understanding how dynamic home automation can improve your home experience and help the environment, connect with the Karbon Home Theater team today for a consultation. Give us a call at 925.798.7600


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