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Finding exciting audio systems in San Francisco (or elsewhere) is not hard. In fact, the diversity of good technology out there is almost part of the problem. Here’s why: the massive number of choices and ways to arrange your audio system can lead paralysis by analysis. For instance:home-audio-v2

  • – Should you choose floor standing theater speakers or just “make do” with a strong subwoofer?
  • – Given the unique acoustic dynamics of your room, what bass coverage do you need?
  • – If you live near other people, how can you set up your system in a way that won’t bother your neighbors, when you’re blasting your favorite Celine Dion album or watching all six movies in the Fast and Furious series in a row, on maximum volume?
  • – Based on your aesthetic preferences and viewing/listening habits, should you prioritize strong bass, crisp and crystal highs, clear action in the mid-range, all the above or just some of the above?

Odds are, you’re not a sound engineer who has the time and desire to turn choosing the optimal A/V system into a full-time job? But you can pick battles and make sure that your system is good enough, based on priorities like acoustics, price, positioning, and energy usage.

So, how can you prioritize? How can you choose which elements are most important?

Here’s a nifty thought exercise to help you. Imagine if you had to outsource this project to someone else. What would be the “must haves” that you would want that person to include in your system? What would be the “big no-nos” that you would want that person to avoid? Make a list of these. For instance, your list might include:

  • – A cap on the price of the overall system;
  • – System must be optimized to allow you to listen to your favorite jazz CDs with extreme clarity, so that you can play along on your jazz bass or sax;
  • – System must be not too cumbersome or bulky, because you have pets and kids.
  • – You want someone else to install the system, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time and get confused about how to configure the setup.

For help choosing the optimal speakers for your system, or for home theater repair in San Francisco or elsewhere in the Bay Area, please get in touch with the team at Karbon Home Theater for a free, thorough estimate by filling out our contact form or by calling 925-798-7600. Our experienced team has the skills and nuanced knowledge of speaker systems to empower you to make great choices.

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