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If you want to waste a lot of money on San Francisco home theater repair, needlessly, mount your television over the fireplace. This act alone will likely reduce the life of the TV; void its warranty (if fire damage to the internal systems becomes noticeable); and even lead to reduced image quality and subsequent neck strain.

San Francisco home theater installation

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Why is mounting over the fireplace such bad news?

It sounds good in theory. The set up may look appealing, aesthetically. Depending on where you live, you may not have much space in your Bay Area loft, so an above-the-fireplace mount may seem like a reasonable option for setting up your San Francisco home theater. In certain very specific instances, it might be.

But if you ever use the fireplace, problems will ensue. The soot and smoke generated will damage the internal circuitry. The heat can cause damage and create a fire hazard. This set up can also lead to skewed viewing angles. And if you mount your TV at a high angle, you will crane your neck extensively. Watching TV will then be about as comfortable as watching a movie from the front row of a movie theater – not very!

A study from DisplayMate found that a screen shifted more than 15 degrees beyond the plane of vision (horizontally) gets seriously color shifted. If you spent a lot of money on a high-quality TV, you could effectively negate the product’s best features by positioning it too high.

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