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Choosing the Best San Francisco Home Theater Streaming Device


Whether you’re obsessed with Orange Is The New Black and crave to be immersed in the latest tales of prison debauchery via your home theater, or you need to play an hour (or two or three) of Caillou for your kids so you can finally take a shower, you’re probably wondering what streaming service is best for your needs.

Options abound, including Amazon Fire, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku. Let’s explore some specs and applications for each of these services.

Amazon Fire. Supporting 7.1 channel surround sound and equipped with a quad core processor and a hefty 2GB of RAM, this box allows for effortless, intuitive search, and it also predicts what you might like to check out with a an uncanny degree of accuracy. The graphics processor makes the video game experience fun, and Amazon Prime subscribers get access to extra content.

Apple TV. Great if you’re an Apple family – with your iPads, MacBooks and iPhones – but not so swell if you use Android or other non-Apple devices. The 3rd generation Apple TV box supports streaming services as well as content from your Apple devices.

Chromecast. Cheap but versatile, the Chromecast works like an HDMI input and allows you to stream media from the web to the big screen as well as from your phone and other digital devices directly. Unlike with Apple TV, you can grab media from diverse sources, including Apple, Android and PC systems.

Roku. Battle-ready with a MicroSD slot, a dual-core processor and a motion sensitive remote, the Roku 3 (like the Roku Stream Stick) is capacious, and it can support gaming, channels and more… all without an HDMI cable.

To coordinate your home’s streaming services, consider investing in a Savant home automation system, which you can program while at home or on the go.

From Streaming to Complete Savant Home Automation Systems, Karbon Can help

For affordable, innovative San Francisco audio systems, trust the experts at Karbon Home Theater to deliver. Our team would love to know more about how you plan to use or remodel your home audio elements and help you select a great streaming service for your needs. We can be reached at (925) 798-7600 or contact us today from our website.

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