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Find the Perfect Surround Sound System

As a Bay Area home theater buff, you’ve thought a lot about the soundscape you crave. Perhaps you’ve even investigated different audio systems, speaker systems, and other cool toys.

Polk Audio RM6750

Image courtesy of Polk Audio

For instance, the Polk Audio RM6750 Black 5.1 channel home theater speaker system can make your den or living room sound like a commercial studio. The polypropylene enclosures are specially engineered to have a strange shape that prevents what’s known as standing wave residence. This leads to a very, very real-sounding sound. The product has magnetic shielding to protect satellite speakers from potential damage caused by nearby LCD monitors. It also features dynamic balance technology, which removes distortion and helps keep sound clear.

You can read about Polk and other superior speakers systems at the Karbon Home Theater website or just connect with our technicians for insight.

But if you’re looking to design a high quality audio solution for your space, you first need to pull back from the technical specs and think “big picture.” Why do you want a theater audio system? What are your parameters for success?

For instance, you might be a commercial director who needs to listen to professional cuts in your home office to make sure your clients get what they need. Or maybe you’re a big sports and movie buff, and you want to experience a very lifelike immersive a/v experience. Or maybe you’re a jazz or classical music lover, and you just want a rich listening environment.

Choosing the Right Home Theater System for You

The perfect system is the one that best meets your primary needs and constraints. For instance, let’s say price is no object, and you crave extremely vivid, professional sound. That will send you in one direction. But if you’re budget conscious, and you want a system that make you feel like you’re at the 49ers games you love to watch, that will lead you in a totally different direction.

Rather than trying to figure out all these moving pieces on your own, get in touch with the team here at Karbon Home Theater for a free and thorough evaluation. Give us a call today at 925-798-7600 or fill our our online contact form. We would be more than happy to help you design the right theater system for your needs and budget.

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