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Savant Home Automation Systems Give You Control of Your Whole Home in the Palm of Your Hand

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The Savant Pro is a comprehensive, luxury system that represents the best in San Francisco home automation. Ideal for busy parents (who are constantly trying to meet diverse family needs) and cutting edge A/V buffs alike, this powerful system features some great and useful conveniences for the user. Read on to find out about 5 of the best cutting-edge features of the Savant Pro.

1. Convenient app-based control. Savant Home Automation Systems allow you to control all of your systems and devices from a single application. The days of searching for the “right remote” are over, all you have to do is keep your kids or significant other away from your smartphone and you’ll continue to have complete control of your home from your mobile companion.

2. Comprehensive automation. The Savant Pro can be used to manage all of your home’s systems, including security, climate, lighting and entertainment.

3. Remote control capabilities. Since Savant Pro offers app-based control, you can manage and monitor your home from remote locations. (For instance: check on the cat while on vacation on the East Coast; or fine tune your temperature and humidity as you leave the office, so you come home to the perfect environment.)

4. Easy installation. Savant Home Automation Systems installations are simple and easy, even if you have never installed a home automation system before. The interfaces are intuitive, and you don’t need to be a tech junky to run and adjust the system.

5. Quick changes based on pre-set themes. Savant Pro allows you to set themes that will affect multiple systems at the same time. For example, depending on your needs, you may set a “not home,” “movie night” or “dinner party” theme.

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