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Savant Home Automation Systems Apple Watch Announcement


Savant Home Automation Systems, a leading provider of smart home technology, recently announced that it will offer the Savant app on the Apple Watch. This app will allow consumers to control all of their Savant home automation technology directly from this device.

After downloading this app, Savant customers will be able to view and manage all of their Savant smart home services on the Apple Watch. They will also be able to activate various scenes they have created with the Savant App on other devices, such as “away” or “bed time.” Depending on the consumer’s preferences, Savant services may cover audio systems and entertainment systems, security, home climate, lighting and more.

In addition to integrating with Apple Watch, Savant also introduced a new smart host that is 40 percent faster than its predecessor. This host can take on virtually any smart home management task, from controlling the home’s lighting to alerting the user of malfunctions that may indicate a need for home theater repair. Since Savant’s new host is more affordable than the previous version, Savant’s technology is accessible to more people than ever before.

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