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Coming Developments in San Francisco Home Automation

Boardroom AutomationHome automation solutions now include futuristic innovations, like smart thermostats and voice command electronics. From literally thousands of miles away, we can now change the temperature in a home, adjust the humidity, watch safety footage, and manipulate which lights go on in which rooms—all from a tiny computer that fits in our hands. A computer that also doubles as a wireless phone, camera, video camera, and beyond.

Forty years ago, these types of devices and solutions would have sounded like strict science fiction. “Smart homes” were, in fact, a staple of popular science fiction until relatively recently. The Jetsons, Iron Man’s Stark Tower, and Disney’s Smart House all lent insight that informed today’s amazing design concepts. But what does the future of automation have in store for us? How much further can we possibly go?

Consider Savant home automation systems. Using these systems, a homeowner can control entertainment media, lighting, temperature, and securityl, all from the convenience of a tablet or smartphone app. We no longer have to rely on pushing physical buttons or separately addressing different home functions. Digital screens that project as a backsplash in kitchens, offices, and bathrooms allow homeowners to enjoy visual information from any location in the home. Savant’s cutting edge solutions, once realized, will make today’s already impressive tech look like a VCR or 8-track.

The workplace environment is also enjoying significant technological advancement, especially with respect to conference room automation. From an executive chair, a businessperson can now control window blinds or curtains, video communication, lighting, and temperature. In the (hopefully near) future, the very ways in which we conduct meetings and interact with vendors and clients will be totally different. 

Call The Experts in Savant Home Automation System Installations

These automation advancements that save time and enhance productivity are more affordable and easy to install than you may realize. Contact Karbon Home Theater’s professional team at 925-798-7600 to learn more about home or boardroom automation solutions.

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