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Own a San Francisco Loft?

Mounted TV SF Loft

If you own or rent a San Francisco loft, and you’re an audiophile or a cinephile, you might be attracted by the idea of designing your own home theater system. Maybe you recently visited a friend’s loft and saw his (or her) amazing system. Now, you want to one-up your buddy with a more vibrant, more state-of-the-art system. Or maybe you’re a film or commercial director who needs home theater for professional reasons. If you’ve been on the fence, consider these arguments for “taking the plunge” and experiencing your movies and other media in a richer, more immersive context:

1) Home theaters will amp up your home design.

Gorgeous looking home theaters will improve the aesthetic of your home or loft and contribute to a positive “Feng Shui” to make your space that much more comfortable and fun.

SF TV Mounting

2) Boost the value of your home.

Installing a home theater system can actually be a long term plus for the value of your property.

SF Home Theater

3) Better listening and viewing experience – and more versatile, too.

When you wire your room for high-quality sound, install high-quality monitors and etc, you get to experience multimedia on a deeper level. There is a reason why the world’s most prominent directors and cinephiles love the home theater experience: it brings you into the story or into the music on a deeper, subtler, and more colorful level.

SF Surround Sound

4) Good insulation can protect noise from “leaking out” into the rest of the loft.

You may be worried about “leaching” sound into other rooms of your house. Good insulation can prevent that.

5) Enjoy a fully immersive theater experience by including a popcorn machine, snack bar,fridge, you name it.

Do you really need to go out to the movies ever again? Why not avoid the frustration of paying $20 for parking, $30 on concessions, and $150 on a babysitter? Instead, invest in a high-end home theater system, and bring the best parts of the theater experience into your home…and leave the worst parts behind (sticky Goobers gumming up your shoes, annoying patrons talking or chomping on popcorn through the entire movie right in your ear, etc).

Movie popcorn

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