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Close your eyes and picture supreme control over your home theater system. What would it look like? Crestron has tag-teamed with Apple’s Siri to create a kind of home automation dynamo like something out of a 1950’s future Utopian paradise.

The Crestron system’s seamless, intuitive interface – and Siri’s soothing, mellifluous voice – will take you to cloud nine and beyond:

  • Do you want to turn your lights on or off or set them at 65%? Simply tap an interface, dictate your commands to Siri, and the lights will be adjusted, per your whim.
  • Is the temperature too hot, too cold, a little left of “just right”? No problem. Tell Siri to adjust the thermostat by heating the room, cooling it, setting it to 73 degrees – etc. The only problem that might occur is if you and your spouse both want the room to be at different temperatures – you may find yourself getting into a spat over who gets to command Siri’s attention.
  • Want to flip your theater onto Blu-Ray? Want to switch to Apple TV? Want to change over to your PlayStation? Why bother with the remote control when you can get even LAZIER (delightfully so). Just use your voice and tell Siri, who will use her magical powers over your home theater equipment to do your bidding.

More than just a couch potato’s ultimate indulgence…

The Crestron system offers an effective and cool solution for conserving power… as well as a way to avoid the agony of trying to figure out how to integrate 15 different remotes. Also, if someone in your household is disabled or sick, he or she can use this Siri + Crestron home automation dynamo to get and stay comfortable. Stay in your bed, drink your orange juice, adjust the temperature, watch what you want to watch, and generally maximize your coziness factor.

The team here at Karbon Home Theater is an authorized dealer/installer of Crestron products. We invite you to check out more about our services, track record, and commitment to customer service at, or call us at 925-798-7600 for your free estimate.

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