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Just a few years ago, home automation technology was clearly the sole province of the well-off.

That paradigm has shifted, thankfully.

Today, with a savvy, strategic investment of just a few thousand dollars, the “average Joe” can afford whole house automation for lighting, security, surveillance, and beyond. Let’s take a birdseye look at some of the most popular tools that “Joe” uses to automate his home.

Experts consider Crestron’s Prodigy series and Control4 to be on the short list of today’s “best of breed” affordable home automation systems. Prodigy also has a wireless option, which helps to reduce installation hassles and costs. You can also stack on features to these systems later on, if you want to get fancier or more customized. Prodigy lets you control entertainment options (like your home theater) via a few swipes of the iPad. Control4 offers similar functionalities. (For more info on the difference between these two solutions–e.g. to figure out which one would work best for you–contact a professional at Karbon Home Theater.)

prodigy home automation

Beyond Control4 and Prodigy, you can still find relatively inexpensive systems, but these tend not to be as modular or as flexible as the main players in the market.

Of course, the quest for better home automation can get pretty expensive, pretty quickly.

If you own a modern home that’s just 2500 square feet, you can easily spend up to $60,000 on home automation hardware, installation, programming, features, etc. To prevent your budget from ballooning out of control, you need to focus and strategize.

While you want to be cost conscious, you also want to avoid buying low-quality products or doing hasty installations. If you purchase subpar products, instead of ease and energy savings, you can expect frustration. While you are away on vacation, for instance, a poorly designed or installed system may spontaneously decide to heat your home up to 85 degrees due to a programming glitch.

The team at Karbon Home Theater can help you understand your options and make sensible, budget-smart decisions. Learn about our services online, or call us now for a free estimate.

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