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How to Make Your Bay Area Home a ‘Smart Home’

home automationHome automation is the wave of the future. Thanks to new smart home automation technologies, even homeowners on a budget can enjoy advantages that only existed as a glimmer in Bill Gates’ eye just 20 or so years ago.

Using your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, or other device, you can control diverse technologies in your home, such as your audio systems, home security systems, temperature and humidity system settings, heat usage, and lighting. Transitioning to a “smart home” is simpler and more affordable than you may realize. It can also provide a host of advantages and potentially add substantial value to your home. For instance:

  • Smarter energy controls can help you avoid leaching heat in the winter or wasting A/C during the summer. You need not sacrifice convenience or comfort, AND you can enjoy substantial energy savings;
  • Communicate better in your home to your kids (and their friends). Home automation can help in emergency response (e.g. if someone falls down and gets hurt), and it can help you call everyone to come for dinner;
  • Enhance your security. You can check your security cameras, remotely, from your iPad or other device while you’re away on a business trip and control who can access your home.
  • Enjoy customized use of your home theater system. You can now have unprecedented control of diverse aspects of your viewing and listening environment. The team here at Karbon Home Theater can help you with your home theater installation and introduce you to a raft of features to make your home more inviting, more energy conscious, and more fun.

Professional Help with Your Home Automation Project

Connect with the Karbon Home Theater team today by calling 925.798.7600 for a free consultation, and let us help you take home automation technologies to the next level.

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