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Let’s face it. The art of watching television has gotten way, way simpler over the past several decades, thanks to the advent of advanced remote controls, TiVo and TiVo like technologies, ultra intelligent receivers, and other home automation systems.

We may just be on the cusp of a broader revolution in smart home electronics technology. Your smartypants TV is getting smarter.

Not to worry: it’s not like something out of the Terminator movies or The Lawnmower Man — it’s actually a good thing. Consider, for instance, a new kind of technology known as PredictGaze, which lets your television watch YOU, while you watch it. The TV can use this info to determine, for instance, whether you’ve gone for a bathroom or popcorn break. If you leave the room, the software can pause the TV for you – no more fumbling around in desperation for the remote, digging under couch cushions, etcetera.

The software can also determine if there are multiple people watching the screen and respond effortlessly and elegantly to natural human commands. For instance, say you’re pumping some crazy tunes when the phone rings. Ordinarily, you’d have to manually shut off the music or pause it or turn it down. But the makers of PredictGaze say that users can just literally “shush” the TV using the whisper gesture of a finger to the mouth. Crazy.

The system can also use facial recognition to ensure privacy settings. In the future, it may be able to serve as a parental guardian by recognizing when underage viewers are watching the TV and thus restricting access to R-rated movies, violent video games, etcetera. Options for customizing these settings abound, and there will be some learning curve.

But make no mistake: the age of enhanced TV interactivity has arrived.

Which “toys and gizmos” do you want in your home entertainment system?

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