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The Sonos Play 3 wireless hi-fi system is a powerful speaker designed to incorporate and mesh with the rest of the Sonos family.  Macworld recently gave the device a “5.0 out of 5 Mice,” saying the device “can easily fill a room with sound from [a vast and diverse array of sources, including] your iTunes library, internet radio, and services such as Pandora, Rhapsody, Napster, Spotify, Mog, Rdio,, SiriusXM, [and many more].”

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On the plus side, the Sonos Play 3 is easy to set up, relatively affordable, portable, and nicely balanced. If you are just discovering Sonos products, this is a nice device to help you “get your feet wet.” The Play 3 sound might not be as big as the sound you can extract from larger devices, such as the Sonos Play 5. But you might be shocked and amazed by just how much sound you get out of the Play 3 — as well as how deep and rich and articulated that sound is.

The Play 3 is an ideal stereo for relatively small, “nook-y” spaces, like your kitchen, the kids’ bedroom, your own bedroom or a small library or office. But don’t get the wrong impression. It is powerful enough – it produces big enough sound – to


Control Sonos from your iPad, iPhone, or Android device

saturate a much larger space, such as a living room or even a home theater space.

Do note: there is not much of a stereo field with the speakers – that is, differentiation between right and left channels. However, there is some. And if you need a bigger differentiation, you can just get multiple Play 3’s and position them in the stereo configuration of your choice.

Obviously, you will need to take into account innumerable variables around your home theater or studio, such as acoustics, space, other furniture, etc. Rather than go through the hassle of installing and setting up your Sonos systems yourself, connect today with the team at Karbon Home Theater Consulting at 925- 798-7600 or

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