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Sony and Google recently collaborated to develop the first HDTV that taps into the deep and powerful resources of Google TV.
When you hear people talk about Sony internet televisions, at first blush, it sounds like these TVs were concocted in the mind of a futurist straight from the1950s. These TVs are almost out of this world.

This article breaks down some of their cool specs and features for you.






Sony internet TVs allow you to surf the web in its dazzling entirety, enjoy “regular” TV, and engage in a variety of applications in real time.  Search engine capacities allow you to sift through information and programs in many ways. In short, you can multi-task to your ADD-heart’s content. You can watch TV and browse the web at the very same time – hopefully, this won’t drive everyone in your family crazy.  But if it does… so be it, right?

Home screen

The home screen is your home base.  From “home,” you can choose a channel, pop open an app, or even hunt down an obscure webisode on Adult Swim to show your snarky younger brother that you’re still hip, even though you now have two kids and drive a minivan.

Control it all via the keypad

Are you tired of confusing remote controls with lots of “feature creep”? The engineers at Sony and Google heard you. The hand-held remote is easy and intuitive to use.  It contains an optical mouse and a standard QWERTY keyboard.

You can upgrade the OS!

Operating Systems date.  Fact of life.  And you don’t want to run your TV on a stale OS.  Fortunately, you don’t have to. The system’s OS can be upgraded quickly and intuitively.

Apps, apps, apps – get your apps here!

Are you a twittering fool who constantly needs to send inane messages to your army offollowers (“I’m twittering on my new Sony HD TV @hellokarbon installed!”) Do you want to listen to streaming music by downloading MP3s through Napster? Do you want to check the latest NFL scores, baseballs standings, or video highlights? You can do all this stuff in real time — while simultaneously watching your rival team go down in flames on TV.

If this breathless amount of information still leaves you “bored,” you can always pull flicks off of Netflix and watch whatever movies and TV series that the capacious Netflix library has on tap. The Android library boosts a plethora of apps. You can even – believe it or not – transform your Android phone into a remote control for the TV.

Now that Sony and Google have united the television and the internet, you may never get off your couch again, which may be a good thing, given the state of our current wrecked economy.

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