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Benefits and Compromises With Soundbar Home Theater Technology

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As the market for soundbars grows, consumers are struggling to decide between investing in home theater surround sound and new soundbar technology. Soundbar technology provides users with better access to integration like Bluetooth wireless connectivity, but has it really proven itself among audiophiles? Is it worth the investment? Let’s examine some of the pros and cons.

With respect to soundbars, the aesthetic minimalism of the set up is a plus. There are few wires, which means it looks neat and tidy in a small living space. It’s also easy to install and connect, and the virtual surround sound can be quite high quality. On the flip side, there’s a good chance you’ll need to buy a subwoofer to supplement it, and the unit can leave gaps in the sound environment, so it’s not ideal for a larger room or more “industrial” applications.

A home theater, meanwhile, generally costs more, comes with more wires and connections, and can be somewhat counter-intuitive to install. On the other hand, first off, there’s that bass (and also treble, but also BASS). Second, you can dial in the surround sound better and set up speakers in various arrangements to arrive at a far more optimized solution with fewer gaps. A soundbar cannot compete with home theater surround sound, particularly on the lower notes.

With home theater installations, users can choose system components that fit their budgets. The natural, clear sound of the multi-speaker setup provides a rich experience. Home theater owners can immerse themselves in movies, documentaries, and music performances, an experience many say surpasses the flat sound experience of the soundbar.

Those looking for a high quality sound experience will find it in the limitless functionality of the personalized home theater system. Save the soundbar for small rooms and spaces where a home theater system doesn’t make sense, and invest in a home theater experience for your main screen.

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