Choosing a TV Wall Mount

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It’s one of those small decisions that’s been nagging at you: which TV wall mount should you choose? Whether you’re remodeling your Bay Area A/V setup or establishing a home theater, here are some tips to help you make this decision quickly and efficiently.

Home Automation: Benefits Galore, Convenience, Green Energy, Security.

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You and your spouse have spent a not inconsiderable amount of time contemplating an upgrade
to your home entertainment and energy system. Perhaps you even considered automating
aspects of the process. But inertia is a powerful “de-motivator” and so far you have not pulled
the trigger. It’s time to ask yourself a decisive question: is it really worth it to you, moneywise
and otherwise, to switch over to an automated system? Or do you feel comfortable retaining the
current system you have or modifying it just only slightly?

The Crucial Importance of Power Conditioners

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Power conditioners, such as fine products manufactured by the likes of APC, are vital for protecting sensitive electronics, like flat screen televisions. Some reviewers suggest that power conditioners can also improve both picture and audio quality – although the effects can be quite subtle. If you’re a discriminating viewer (or listener) who picks up on slight A/V anomalies – that is, if minute disturbances in the quality of your audio/visual experience bother you – then you will certainly enjoy the extra finesse that power conditioners will provide.

The Consumers Have Spoken! Vizio is the Number One TV in America

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The winner of the most popular LCD HDTV for 2010 is Vizio. According to a February press release, Vizio snagged a whopping 28% of market share in the fourth quarter of 2010 – the highest any industry brand has racked up in seven years. Vizio TVs are also popping up all over “top five” and “top ten” lists. Among the top five best sellers in 2010, for instance, Vizio nailed down three spots, including a huge win for a 42-inch big screen model.

The Plasma Vs LCD Dilemma:

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Whether you’re seeking a fully appointed home theater system or a simple monitor for your downstairs rec room, you’ve been hemming and hawing over which technology is best. This essay will take a look at some of the competing features.