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The Component Surround Sound Advantage:

When and Why to Choose a Component System Over a Pre-Packaged Sound System

Whether you’re yearning to finally set up the home theater system of your dreams, or you’re searching for a way to “soup up” the A/V system at your business’s conference room, you might be wondering whether it makes more sense to get a “pre-packaged” out of the box sound system or a customized component sound system. Here is a brief primer to help you:


A pre-packaged system might be appropriate if…

  • You have a small viewing room
  • You’re not “picky” about the quality of the audio experience
  • You hate choosing and setting up audio and video components
  • You are not that into the “home theater” experience

A component surround system might be superior if…

  • You have a large viewing room and a yen for higher quality
  • You enjoy picking out and setting up components
  • You own some good components already – such as high quality speakers, a top end receiver, or LED TV
  • You want to optimize your system without buying an entirely new system
  • You need high quality sound for your business (e.g. to make presentations to potential clients, to edit videos for commercial purposes, et cetera).


Many consumers steer away from component surround systems in favor of “out of the box” systems simply because they don’t have the time, energy, or skill to select the right components and fine tune everything.

Fortunately, you can turn to the professionals at Karbon Home Theater Consulting to evaluate your needs, design a customized solution for you, pre-wire and set up your equipment, cables, wiring, test the functionality and give you a tutorial on how to use the system, and follow up to answer your questions and make sure you feel comfortable with the home theater experience.

At Karbon Home Theater Consulting, our philosophy is one word: Simple. Learn why more than a thousand customers have trusted us since 2004 to develop audio, video, and home theater projects at, or call us at (925) 798-7600 to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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