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The Consumers Have Spoken! Vizio is the Number One TV in America
Well, that’s that. The winner of the most popular LCD HDTV for 2010 is Vizio. According to a February press release, Vizio snagged a whopping 28% of market share in the fourth quarter of 2010 – the highest any industry brand has racked up in seven years. Vizio TVs are also popping up all over “top five” and “top ten” lists. Among the top five best sellers in 2010, for instance, Vizio nailed down three spots, including a huge win for a 42-inch big screen model.
Competitors like Sony and Panasonic are apparently undaunted, however. These big players will no doubt take on the market leader in 2011 on a variety of fronts, including: wireless routers, cables, head phones, Blu-ray players, sound bars, and other key accessories. Vizio, for its part, does not plan to stand still and let its competitors detract from its momentum. According to a statement from the Chief Sales Officer, Randy Waynick: “In 2010 Vizio plans to extend our “entertainment freedom for all” brand vision to Theater 3D, HDTVs, tablets, and smartphones.”
All this fiery competition should mean better options and lower prices for consumers.
Will Vizio be preeminent for years, if not decades, to come? Or was the company’s impressive 2010 performance simply a flash in the pan? In the ever accelerating world of digital media and communications, it’s hard to make any long-term conclusions based on sales data.
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