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Power Conditioners = Longer Life For Your Electronics

Power conditioners, such as fine products manufactured by the likes of APC, are vital for protecting sensitive electronics, like flat screen televisions.  Some reviewers suggest that power conditioners can also improve both picture and audio quality – although the effects can be quite subtle.   If you’re a discriminating viewer (or listener) who picks up on slight A/V anomalies – that is,  if minute disturbances in the quality of your audio/visual experience bother you – then you will certainly enjoy the extra finesse that power conditioners will provide.

It may be useful to think of power conditioners as a kind of “insurance” for your electronics.  You’ve invested thousands of dollars to purchase a state-of-the-art television set, speaker system, DVD recorder, etc.   Don’t you owe it yourself to mitigate against potential damage to this equipment? After all, you wouldn’t position pricey home theater components directly under a leaking skylight, would you?  Of course not.  On the off chance that water drips down and short circuits your beautiful theater system, you would be kicking yourself.

The same logic goes for getting power conditioners.  In the event that your power lines malfunction or a voltage spike suddenly strikes your local area (could be caused by anything from a computer problem at your local power plant to a solar flare),  you need some way to smooth out the voltage and protect electronics from getting fried.
All that said, choosing the right power conditioner for your needs, equipment, and budget is not necessarily intuitive. The good news is that the experts at Karbon Home Theater are providing a limited time 20% discount on APC power conditioners.

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