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Royal Wedding in 3D, You May Want to Upgrade Before April 29th

Sometimes technological innovations mesh rather nicely with what may arguably be antiquated fascinations.  Take for instance 3D television and Britain’s royal family.  Whether lovable or loathsome, Prince William is getting married.  And his upcoming nuptials to commoner Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey will likely squash previous recordholders as the most viewed event in the broadcast history.  Consider the comment made recently by Vue Entertainment’s chief executive Tim Richards:  “Royal weddings like this only happen every 30 to 50 years.”  Yes Tim, we all realize the historic significance.  He further adds, “It’s a major event and will have huge demand globally.”  The keyword here is ‘globally.’  In 1997 the funeral of Princess Diana was watched by an estimated 2.5 billion people worldwide, making it the most-viewed TV event ever.  However macabre, compare that with her wedding to Prince Charles back in 1981 when viewership was less than half—a paltry 1 billion.  Prince William’s wedding will be filmed in HD, with broadcasters using it to promote HD to those who haven’t yet upgraded to HDTV sets/receivers.  Buckingham Palace officials have already met with some broadcasters to discuss arrangements for the upcoming nuptials.  Enter BSkyB, Ruper Murdoch’s satellite television provider, which has

for over a year shown Premier League soccer in 3D and other programs as well on its own 3D channel.  If as a means of generating standout coverage the signal for the royal wedding is broadcast in 3D, and you’re a fan of the British royals but aren’t as yet outfitted for 3D, you may want to look into upgrading on or before April 29.

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