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As a San Francisco home theater owner — or a Bay Area resident contemplating your first rock’em sock’em home theater set up – you need know which products are truly fantastic. The Sonos Sub belongs in such a pantheon! 

If you find the thought of diving into a pool of bottomless sound refreshing and invigorating, pay attention.  Most high-end subs provide deep sound, but this richness comes at a price – unpleasant vibration.  The rattling and buzzing can distort the cool, limpid nature of the sound and put you on edge.  Thanks to force-cancelling speakers, the Sonos subwoofer provides a non-buzzing, clean listening experience that’s so smooth, it’s almost eerie (in a good way).

The Sonos Sub does not require extensive programming. You need not be a techie, or even modestly technically-inclined. The controller provides A-B-C type prompts and automatically adjusts to balance itself and stay balanced.

Sonos is also wireless, so can drop your Sub anywhere. Put it horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Staple it to the ceiling, or hide it under the floor. No matter where you place it (within reason), the Sub will do its job. It’s that smart and intuitive (and dumb-user-proof!)

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The subwoofer is compatible with all amplified components made by Sonos, including the ZP100, ZP120, PLAY:3, ZonePlayer S5, PLAY:5, and AMP. Do note that it’s NOT compatible with the ZP8 and the ZP90 Sonos models.

Beyond the subwoofer – a whole room solution for your San Francisco home theater needs.

The team here at Karbon Home Theater is an authorized dealer and installer of the Sonos Sub. We have been helping Bay Area audiophiles for years enjoy magically sonorous experiences. Whether you’re a film buff, and you want to immerse yourself in Hans Zimmer scores, or you’re a classical musician who craves the deep tones of lusciously lugubrious Rachmaninoff, get in touch with our team today to discover powerful, affordable, and effective solutions. Free Home Theater Services Quote.

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