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Installing Your Own Home Audio System

As a home theater buff, you’d like to improve the speaker system in your San Francisco or Danville home, so that you can enjoy movies, orchestral pieces, and other powerful A/V experiences. Here are 5 tips to help make that happen.San Francisco audio systems

Determine the optimal speaker positions for your viewing/listening experience.

Where will you sit, watch and listen? Use this focal point to determine where to place your speakers. For instance, let’s say you put your TV against a wall, with a couch facing opposite. The left and right speakers should sit on both sides of the screen, equidistant from the focal point. Your center speaker should be directly across. The left and right rear speakers should be slightly behind you, angled in. Adjust these positions based on your preference and the sound dynamics of the room.

Establish proper wiring.

Match your amplifier outputs with the right speakers. The right speaker should match with the right output, etc. Many systems will have cables and plugs that have color coding to help this process. Each speaker should have two connections and two cables. Match up the negative (black) terminals with the negative terminals and the positive (red) with the positive terminals.

Adjust the timing and volume.

Slight delays in timing can lead to an uncanny and even unlistenable experience. For instance, if your levels are slightly off, the sound from your front speakers could hit you just before your back speakers do, causing a vertigo inducing experience. Set your delay and levels during the set up process. Your audio system could do this automatically, or you can adjust manually.

Adjust based on the nuances of your listening space.

Everything from the shape of the room to the type of carpets you use to your room’s furniture can impact the listening experience, so adjust the set up until it feels right to you.

Get Assistance From A Professional Home Theater Installation Team!

The surround sound and home audio professionals at Karbon Home Theater will be happy to assist you. We serve Danville, San Francisco and other local areas. Call us at 925-798-7600 now for a free estimate.


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