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Automation Trends in San Francisco

San Francisco Home AutomationWhether you’re a Bay Area home automation buff who’s exploring a complex home theater installation project; or you’re an audiophile in search of the perfect audio systems for your home by the beach or downtown office, you want to stay on the cutting edge.To that end, we’ve compiled a short list of the most popular trends in automation. What used to be a futuristic discipline that only a few ultra rich dilettantes (e.g. Bill Gates) could explore has blossomed into a multi-million dollar industry. Thanks to powerful new technologies and innovations, even “non-1 percenters” can enjoy awesome home automation experiences.

Trend #1. Ease of use.

Rather than having to futz with complex remote controls, you can now use one-button operations to manage your entertainment system, lighting, security settings, thermostats, etcetera. You can also access your system via your phone and/or the internet, so you’re always in command. No longer do you need to be a technology wizard to enjoy the bounties of technology.

Trend #2. Increasing affordability of systems and products.

We touched on this above. Automation is no longer reserved for those with huge disposable incomes.

Trend #3. Sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Automation technologies can conserve fuel use by dimming lights when you are not in the room, optimizing heating and cooling operations, etcetera.

Trend #4. Integrating multiple modalities.

For instance, Savant System offers automation and control via your iPad, iPhone or iPod; fully streamlined home theater options; intelligent lighting, which you can control via your iPad or iPod; safety and security; smart energy processes; climate control options; and whole house audio features as well as diverse ways to integrate and communicate with these systems.

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