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TVs For Your Home Theater

San Francisco TV installerIf you are considering a home theater installation or upgrade in San Francisco this year, selecting a new television is one of your most important decisions. You can choose from a staggering variety of options, but each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks. For example, while some cheaper sets still use cold cathode fluorescent lamps to backlight the TV, newer, higher-end sets use superior LED (light emitting diode) technology.

Here are some of the best flat screen TVs we have seen this year: 

Sony W800B LED TV – Excellent for gaming, with a low input lag, gorgeous design, and great picture quality. Its drawbacks include a limited viewing angle and weak 3D capabilities.

Sony W600B LED TV – The budget version of the W800B. It also includes great gaming features but suffers when viewed from an angle. It lacks a motion interpolation feature.

Samsung H6350 LED TV – This model has fantastic picture quality in both dark and brightly-lit rooms.

LG LB5800 LED TV – Perfect for watching with a crowd, the LB5800 has a good viewing angle, and the colors stay consistent when watching from the side.

Home Theater TV Installers

Karbon Home Theater can send a trained TV or home automation installer to meet all of your home theater needs. Call us to today to discuss your needs and set up a free estimate: 925-798-7600.

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