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As a San Francisco home theater enthusiast, you’re keen to try out the latest bells and whistles — the kind of stuff that might intimidate your great aunt or even your old college roommate, who runs a seven figure Bay Area startup and should know better!

To that end, here’s a quick summary of innovative universal remotes. For serious home theater buyers only…

Philips RC9800i

The touch screen on this model is highly legible. You can stream music from your computer (provided you have a normal computer and not a Mac) to your stereo. Use wireless Wi-Fi to download images to the remote. It’s packed to the gills with features.

On the downside, if you want to stream music, you have to leave it in its dock–not ideal, especially if you party a lot.

Universal Electronics Nevo S70

Another low battery life situation (thanks to the Wi-Fi). And you’ll need a professional to maintain and install this device. On the plus side, the Wi-Fi is built-in, and you can stream music all around your condo or home. Plus, the device looks super cool. The touchscreen is gorgeous. It looks like a gadget from the year 2113 imported back to 2013.

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Logitech Harmony 890

The interface is pretty technical, so — once again — geeks only need apply. It also lacks Wi-Fi connectivity. On the plus side, it’s the only current universal remote that has both radio frequency and infrared wireless capabilities, and it’s both Windows and Mac friendly and web programmable. If you’re looking for an RF universal remote, this gizmo is pretty slick, indeed.

Custom Setup Using Smartphone/Tablet

Apps abound for setting up your smartphone or tablet as your universal remote. If this level of home automation is outside your comfort zone, get in touch with the team here at Karbon Home Theater. Our experts can help make your A/V experience simple and enjoyable. Call us today: 925-798-7600.

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