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The Universal RTS Interface II by Somfy is a marvelous device – like something out of the Jetsons. The device uses 16 different channels of what are known as Radio Technology Somfy (RTS) control to coordinate and control the multiple remotes that you use in your home or Bay Area office.

Each individual RTS channel can be programmed separately. So you can have a channel devoted to the television; and another channel to a stereo system; and so forth. The Interface can be managed by an infrared remote. So whether you screen flicks in your living room, watch the morning news on the TV in your kitchen, or listen to crazy weird music that your nephew bought you in your office, you can manage your AV “stuff” seamlessly.

The perks are boundless:

  • No more scrambling around to find 18 different remote controls;
  • No more wasting hours trying to figure out how to use and program different devices;
  • A more seamless, integrated way to manage home theater setups and gizmos;
  • Less time wasting messing with the technical stuff;
  • More time spent enjoying the power of your technology.

The team at Karbon Home Theater is an authorized seller of quality Somfy products. We can help you determine whether the Universal RTS Interface is a good fit for you. We also can help you with any installation or remodeling needs – from simple to complex, from basic to ornate and state-of-the-art. Call us now at 925-798-7600 to talk about your home theater needs.


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