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Whether you just sold a web company for seven figures, and you’re trying to figure out how to outfit your condo now that you have all this free time; or you’re just a home theater buff who wants a flawless, totally immersive experience – you’re in the market for a new Blu-ray player. But how do you choose from all the options?

Here are some criteria:

Resolution Quality

Different Blu-ray players provide different resolution qualities. The more vibrant the resolution, the more immersive the theater experience will be for you. The best definition is 180p, but 180i and even 720p will give you a great HD picture for the vast majority of purposes.

Audio Considerations

Blu-ray sound is legendary. You can choose from among different types of sound, including Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS, and other formats. If you’re a movie buff, and you use the DTS HD master audio format, you can basically listen to the original master sound track the studio itself used. A pretty sweet experience! But if you’re just in the mood to watch all three seasons of Arrested Development on DVD (and who wouldn’t be, frankly?), you’ll be fine with more standard Dolby Digital or DTS sound tracks.

Online Options

Some innovative Blu-ray players will let you access media from Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, and other services online. The television watching/internet viewing experience is becoming more and more connected, so expect even more online related bells and whistles in future innovations.

3D Compatibility, BonusView, BD-Live, and other “extras”

Some Blu-ray players can play both video and 3D, assuming that you have the appropriate HDMI cables. Many Blu-ray discs provide directors commentaries and online bonus material. If you want “picture in picture” capabilities, BonusView is a great way to check out commentary while watching a movie in real time.

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