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Whether you are an audiofile obsessed with studio grade sound or a professional who needs extremely sophisticated enhancements to your video, the AV receiver known as the Yamaha Aventage can maximize your performance. In this brief blog post, we are going to look at four competitive advantages that the Aventage possesses.

1. Inspiration

The Aventage has sturdy double bottom construction to provide support for high volume levels, and circuitry that’s designed to be “ultra low jitter” to enhance timing control and reduce jitters. The Aventage also boasts a wedge 5th foot (so called Anti-Resonance Technology, a.k.a. ART) tamp down on transformer vibrations and heat sinks on top of other technology optimized to maximize channel separation and get you a fantastic signal-to-noise ratio.

2. Obsession

Yamaha’s obsessive detail focused construction is very clear here. The Aventage boasts a hybrid power supply to make the transformer more efficient, zip ties to tamp down on magnetic interference, top end DACs, and an H-shaped cross member frame to eliminate chassis vibration.

3. Fabrication and design advantage

Yamaha’s team has battle tested every element of the Aventage, and the receiver includes highest caliber processors, heavy grade terminals to reduce annoying vibration, and an enhanced three-year warranty.

4. Control

An AV controller app gives you dynamic flexibility to modulate power commands, volume, input, and more. You can also adapt third party and web control features.

The team at Karbon Home Theater Consulting – one of the most trusted names in home theater systems for the Bay Area – is an authorized reseller of quality Yamaha products, like the Yamaha Aventage.

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